Ganoes Stabro Paran is a character from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

Character BiographyEdit

Ganoes Paran was born into a wealthy noble family in the capital city of the Malazan Empire. He is the older brother of Tavore Paran and Felisin Paran. At age twelve he went with his father to Malaz City, while they were in the city riots broke out in the poorest district of the city called the Mouse Quarter. Ganoes watched the roits from the wall on Mock's Hold. He observed a conversation between Whiskeyjack, Fiddler, and Laseen, who were also on the wall. Ganoes told Wiskeyjack of his ambition to be a soldier and Wiskeyjack advised him to choose a different path but Ganoes answered that the world didn't need another wine merchant.