Jerome Wireman is a character from Stephen King's Duma Key. Wireman was a lawyer from Omaha, Nebraska until his wife and daughter were killed on the same day. After his families death's he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head but the gunshot was not fatal. It was impossible to remove the bullet from his brain and he was left a headache at all times. After being fired from his law firm Wireman moves to Duma Key and begins to take care of Elizabeth Eastlake. Mrs. Eastlake is a weathy heiress who owns most of the island of Duma Key. She needs full time care due to Alzheimers. He becomes friends with Edgar Freemantle after Freemantle moves to the Key to recover from a construction accident. Edgar uses his supernatural painting abilities to remove the bullet from Wireman's head. After Mrs. Eastlake's death Wireman helps Edgar and Jack Cantori neutralize Perse. Wireman dies of a heart attack after moving to Mexico.